Backyard Vegetable and Flower Garden

Our backyard vegetable and flower gardens are doing fabulous this year, thanks to a perfect spring season that wasn't too heavy on either rain or sun.  We started our entire raised vegetable garden bed from seeds this year and I'm happy to report that everything has sprouted and is on the verge of producing food.  This year's bounty will include peas, green beans, carrots, okra, jalapeños, and pickling cucumbers.  I'm ready to break out the vinegar and Ball jars and start pickling and canning!

I also spent some time this week potting some newly acquired houseplants and succulents.    Wally sought shade under the picnic table while he kept me company.  Maybe my chronically brown thumbs are slowly turning a shade of green? Let's hope so. has all the newest gadgets for improving your garden. Let technology make gardening easy.