Deadly Mimosa Tree – it can kill you!

Mimosa trees, they can kill you!

Kill you with super deals. Mimosa trees bloom through the summer and their unique flowers attract hummingbirds & butterflies.  Many people are attracted to the tree for it's fragrance, which some describe the scent similar to nutmeg. You can’t go wrong with the Mimosa Tree for its fast-growing nature and year-round appeal.

In China some believe that the Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) will calm the mind and spirit.  Step out to your yard, relax and this unique and appealing deciduous tree will confirm that.  But did you know that in the United States we drink Mimosa's with brunch!  I guess that also calms the mind and spirit!

At night, or when it rains, your Mimosa will put on a miraculous demonstration that lives up to its Persian name Shabkhosb (meaning “night sleeper”), as they bow gracefully downward. 

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Your Mimosa’s flowers will further delight the senses all summer long as the 2-inch pom-pom-like clusters of silken threads seem to float among the leaves.
Hummingbirds and butterflies are irresistibly drawn to their succulent scent.  Some people think they smell like nutmeg. The flat, brown seed pods that later form will further provide food for wildlife.

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