Must-have plants for pollinators

Gardeners who plant pollinator friendly plants get a bonus. Several are attractive to predators and parasites of the infamous Brown

Marmorated Stink Bug. So while you help the pollinators, you can increase the population of insects that control the stink bug.

Penn State Extension Master Gardeners have been observing a variety of plants to see which ones are most attractive to pollinators.

And we have some great suggestions. And when making plant choices, don’t forget to provide for a succession of bloom, so the

pollinators have nectar throughout the season.

No single plant blooms the entire season, so that means choosing some plants that bloom in spring, some that bloom in summer, and

others that flower in the fall.

With the exception of the penstemon, the plants described here all have several things in common: They have large compound

inflorescences of tiny flowers.

Those tiny flowers are attractive to a wide range of small bees, flies, beetles, wasps and other pollinators. All except the

goldenrod grow best in average to moist soil and full sun. You can’t go wrong choosing any of these for your garden.